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About Us

Newcastle Weekly is the Hunter’s only glossy news and lifestyle magazine – and it’s free!

The sister publication to Canberra Weekly, Newcastle Weekly was launched in May 2015 by Nick Samaras. With a strong community focus and commitment to delivering high-quality editorial, Newcastle Weekly is written in the Hunter, for the people of the Hunter.

Our editorial focuses on what’s happening in and around the Hunter region; we take great pride in being at the heart of the community. We cover local news and current issues, politics and sport, food and entertainment, fashion and beauty, home and lifestyle, as well as real estate, motoring, boating, and trades & services.

Published every Thursday, the magazine is stocked in over 430 easy-to-find locations around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Cessnock and Port Stephens. Over 38,300+ copies of Newcastle Weekly are distributed each week from shopping centres, supermarkets, cafés, real estate agencies, fitness centres and retailers.

At Newcastle Weekly, we’re all about you: your interests, your family, your style, your weekends.


readers each week


copies distributed

OVER 430

pick-up locations


With thousands of readers each week, Newcastle Weekly is the Hunter’s most-read glossy news and lifestyle magazine.

A unique magazine for a unique region: we are a trusted, community-focused publication written for the people of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Cessnock and Port Stephens. Our editorial, production and advertising teams work closely to ensure a high-quality product that’s like no other in the area. 

We are in direct conversation with the people of the Hunter region. Our team of passionate journalists and expert contributors create editorial that attracts a strong readership. Our distribution is 100% pick-up, rather than letterbox drop, so we know our readers are engaged. We connect with them in a diverse range of subjects: news, current affairs, sport, politics, local events, arts, entertainment, food, fashion, beauty, interior design, health, horoscopes and puzzles. We also encourage retention with a seven-day TV guide.

We distribute over 38,300+ copies of Newcastle Weekly each week, from more than 430 pick-up locations across Newcastle and the Hunter region, including shopping centres, supermarkets, cafés, real estate agencies, fitness centres and retailers.

One of Newcastle Weekly’s core strengths is our influence to drive product at retail level – we know our readers shop off the page. The editorial and advertising teams work closely to ensure a streamlined, engaging and entertaining product, one that attracts a loyal and diverse readership.

Some stats about our readers:

  • 59% are women – the primary household purchasing decision makers
  • 49% have a household income of $75,000+
  • 73% spend up to 10 minutes reading the magazine
  • 86% of readers say they read the advertisements

To reach buyers, connect with the community and be part of the conversation in Newcastle, you need to be seen in Newcastle Weekly.

How much does it cost?

The advertising team at Newcastle Weekly pride themselves on working with advertisers to find a fit that’s right for your business. We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer a variety of packages which are affordable and competitively priced. As well as display ads and advertising features, options include gatefold covers, run-of-book catalogues plus pull-out inserts and booklets.

Talk to us today 

No question is too small! Drop into the office to chat about what will work best for your business, send us an email or give us a call and a member of our advertising team will get back to you today.


Melessa Ernst
Sales Manager
02 4037 4024

What people are saying

  • Michelle Mitchell

    Michelle Mitchell
    NSW Shop Co-ordinator

    “The Newcastle Weekly is fresh, classy and relevant to what is happening in Newcastle. Our customers love the magazine, and the magazine always runs out.

    I only advertise with the Newcastle Weekly and the local radio, and our customer numbers are continually growing! I highly recommend the Newcastle Weekly to anyone who wants to grow their business.”

Our readers are engaged

100% pick-up rather than letterbox drop

Digital Edition

12 December 2019

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Executive Team

  • Nick Samaras
    Nick Samaras
    Founder & Publisher

    0418 182 554

    Since founding Newstate Media in 2009, Nick has used his extensive publishing background to grow Canberra Weekly into an iconic brand in the community and an essential contributor to the enjoyment of the unique lifestyle Canberra has to offer.

    With the launch of Newcastle Weekly in May 2015 the Hunter is now experiencing the same benefits. Newcastle Weekly provides considerable assistance to a wide range of community and charity organisations through the donation of editorial and advertising support.

  • Ben Murphy
    Ben Murphy

    02 4037 4010

    Ben has worked in community news and local media since 2011. After being raised in Maitland and spending the majority of his life in the Hunter Region, Ben moved to the New England area to kick-start his career before gradually moving back to the Hunter. He is driven to help connect the community through sharing local stories that matter.

We captivate our readers

100% of our readers hold on to the magazine for up to two weeks

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